If you have always wanted to learn an instrument but felt that you have missed the boat because you are “mature” MYBC is the program for you! This program is designed to teach you how to play in a way that sounds satisfying from the very first few weeks of classes plus you gain  a solid understanding of the music you are learning to play. All of this while you have fun with a small group of other adults who share your interest. Many adults feel intimidated by the idea of a group class but the group is what make s the class fun! You have a small group of individuals cheering you on each week, someone  (who understands) to share the experience with and a chance to make some new friends.

Playing the piano takes the coordination of many muscles and cognitive functions that keep your mind active. At the same time it is a stress reliever and the satisfaction of conquering a challenging piece is immeasurable.

Classes run one hour weekly from September through May.


  • Music Your Best Choice I
  • Music Your Best Choice II
  • private or group instruction of material agreed upon by teacher/student