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Points on Perfecting Practice with a Perfectionist

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Are you a perfectionist? Do you cringe when you read a speling mistake? (sorry, couldn’t resist) Do you spend hours doing and redoing productive tasks…because it is never quite good enough in your eyes? Do you have a hard time letting things go?….knowing when enough is enough? Being a perfectionist or living with one can […] Read more »

You don’t know what you don’t know.

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I love the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” because it is so true. How can you know something you have never learned or experienced or been told? When I was a teenager I wanted to learn to drive a standard. A friend agreed to teach me, but when my first question was […] Read more »

Musical roots

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Music has so much to offer. It can entertain us but it can also challenge our intellect, stretch our creativity and soothe our emotions. This summer I am discovering that it can also bring you closer to your roots. My hometown is  being highlighted in an outdoor theatrical production this summer. The St. Joseph historical […] Read more »

Welcome Home Emily

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My community had a scare recently. One of its’ children, one of my students – age 10- suffered a cardiac arrest while on the playground at school. She had a pre-existing heart condition and the arrest had been a looming possiblity, but having it actually happen was frightening for all who were connected to her in some way. […] Read more »

Loosening the apron strings

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Moms and dads are awesome safety nets. We are always trying to stay two steps ahead of our children, anticipating every wayward stride and guiding them back onto the right path where they will remain unharmed, happy and void of all discomfort or frustration. That is our job right? To care for and protect…well sometimes […] Read more »

Picky picky picky!

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How do you know when you are an exceptional student? When your teacher is always asking you for something new! You work hard at the shaping of a phrase so now your teacher requests that you add more rubato. You finally reach the metronome speed in your lesson book and your teacher comes up with […] Read more »

The Amazing Musical Maze

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I love mazes…the big ones made out of shrubs or corn stalks or stone.  The ones that you enter into and wander through blindly, hoping each turn will bring you closer to the exit. Sometimes you hit a dead end and have to double back, sometimes you find yourself back at the beginning and have to […] Read more »

Spinning your tires? Release the brake!

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I was walking through a park one day with a friend, enjoying a beautiful day when our conversation was interrupted by  the sound of a revving engine and flying gravel. When we turned toward the parking area we noticed a gentlemen struggling to reverse out of his parking spot. His front tires had dug impressive […] Read more »

New year, new outlook.

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Happy 2011! I can hardly believe that we are 11 years into this millennium already! After a relaxing holiday I am ready to get back into the groove and so is my family. Practice and homework routines have been revamped and we are all excited to tackle the next portion of the school year. Perhaps […] Read more »

Musical Snow Days!

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Music Box kids live in Canada close to one of the great lakes….chances are we will have a few snow days to deal with this winter. Already we have had to endure three in a row due to the largest snow event to hit us in a long time.  This year is forecasted to be a doozie in terms of snowfall,  […] Read more »