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Points on Perfecting Practice with a Perfectionist

Are you a perfectionist? Do you cringe when you read a speling mistake? (sorry, couldn’t resist) Do you spend hours doing and redoing productive tasks…because it is never quite good enough in your eyes? Do you have a hard time letting things go?….knowing when enough is enough? Being a perfectionist or living with one can…

Self diagnosing.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to self diagnose if you are suffering from a physical ailment, but when students begin to tell ME why they are stumbling through a scale, why they keep missing a sharp or why the dynamics aren’t going quite right, you can bet I am doing the touchdown victory dance on the inside.   Self…


When practicing loses its’ sparkle.

                                                               When I was a child I asked a neighbour to teach me how to knit. I was determined to learn and went about learning the stitches with enthusiasm. I was working on a pair of slippers and could hardly wait for my piece to grow big enough to wrap around my small feet….

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The jaw bone’s connected to the finger bones?!

I always loved that song, “D’em Bones”. It’s a good reminder that none of our body parts work independently. They are all connected.  I know what you’re thinking. I’ve got the lyrics all wrong. The jaw bone’s connected to the finger bones???? Ok, you got me.. that is NOT how the song goes….but in music class, that…

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Silver linings and golden moments.

Have you ever worked with your child at the piano when you are stressed?…pressed for time?….trying to meet the needs of other family members?…cooking dinner? If your head isn’t nodding up and down then I am amazed!!! The lives of parents are busy…and that is an understatement! Ideally we would all love to do practicing when…

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Every Good Boy (and Girl) Deserves…to learn in an age appropriate way.

If you took piano lessons from someone other than an MYC teacher or if your only music instruction occurred at elementary school, it is likely that you learned to memorize the patterns FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. I have parents ask me frequently why I don’t use these phrases in my teaching. My answer….they…