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Music classes for babies? YES!!!!

They are cute, they are small and they are a bundle of musical potential…but music classes? You bet!

Babies love music.  It holds their attention, it soothes them, it helps them to learn and remember patterns, musical and otherwise.  Consider how babies acquire language. Children are exposed to language from conception; first indirectly, when in utero and then directly post- birth. Adults speak to babies for months before baby will utter a recognizable word. That is because the exposure to language takes time to build meaningful neuro connections that in turn are used for understanding and imitation. The process is a long one, but once those pathways are constructed in the brain children can quickly become fluent in their language. Music ability is developed in much the same way, as outlined in an article by Science Daily . In the article, one of the researchers, Henkjan Honing had this to say;

“Although the ability to detect musical patterns is present from birth, music cognition develops throughout life. However, music cognition is influenced not so much by musical expertise, as by experience. According to Honing, “Frequent listening to a certain musical genre allows listeners without formal musical training to become experts in that musical style.” ” (see link)

So basically, the more a child is exposed to music, the more likely they will be to have the ability to recognize and imitate it later in life and that is where baby music classes come in.  Many people feel comfortable singing to their baby. Lullabies, the latest tune from the radio, the Wiggles… these are all ways in which babies gain music experience. Consider an environment though, where you can learn to effectively use music to broaden your child’s ability to hear, understand and imitate music and language, while developing gross/fine motor skills…not to mention strengthening your parent/child bond and having a blast doing it!  An environment that allows you to do all of this even if you don’t feel comfortable singing to your baby…yet!

Music Pups by Rob Sayer is a class designed for babies in which parents and babies interact through music play. Babies are exposed to a wide variety of music including folk songs from around the globe, nursery rhymes, original songs with rock, jazz, and classical flair.  Of course, exposure to the music is one thing, but making it fun is what Music Pups is all about!! In a one hour class you can expect to see:

  • rhythm instruments
  • scarves
  • balls
  • co-op bands
  • puppets
  • finger plays
  • gross motor movement including jumping, twirling and dancing

Best of all, Music Pups teachers teach you how to use the songs from class in everyday life with your baby so music learning doesn’t have to stop when you leave the class each week!

Music Pups baby classes are taught at The Music Box in Zurich.

Music class for babies? Oh yeah!!

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