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Happy 30th B-day Music For Young Children!

myc_sun&moonIt’s hard to believe that 30 years ago a young woman from Ontario was embarking on a journey that would change the face of music education not just for Ontarians but for children all over the world. That is exactly what Frances Balodis has done.

March 7 is the official birthday of Music for Young Children, a system of music learning unlike any other music learning program out there. With the experience and expertise of over 900 teachers feeding into the program over the past 3 decades, MYC is ever evolving to ensure students receive the best possible start to their music education. Though there have been many revisions over the years, the fundamentals of the program and Mrs. Balodis’ vision remain unchanged.  “We provide the best quality music education to young children by blending pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction.”

Mrs. Balodis certainly has much to be proud of. Her hard work and extreme dedication has given thousands of children the chance to explore and enjoy the world of music in a way that meets each student’s individual learning needs. Now, with Olivia (daughter of Frances and Gunars Balodis) and David Riddell at the helm, Music For Young Children stands ready to face the next 30 years.

Did you know?

  • The very first MYC classes were held in the living room of Frances and Gunars Balodis?
  • Mrs. Balodis was careful to add Canadian content to the program so children are learning about music and their country at the same time? Students in the USA use an American folk song book.
  • There are MYC classes taught in Canada, the US, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand?
  • MYC teachers are required to complete 3 levels of training in addition to having basic teaching qualifications and are evaluated regularly by their area coordinator?
  • MYC students statistically score high on conservatory exams?

Find out more about Music For Young Children, visit www.myc.com


Happy Birthday MYC!

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